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Organizations exist to enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things “Theodore Levitt”

There are two elements that are fundamental for an organization to be agile, perform optimally and be innovative. The first is establishing the right work culture so people can develop their highest potential. The second is effective [strategy] communication – the ability to cascade clarity about your strategy and aims to all your employees. My programs are designed to embed these two essential requirements for success into your organizations.

Culture & Strategy Programs

  • Culture Change Facilitation

    This program helps you to define and live by your company’s core values. We show you how to change your working culture and how to embed your values at all levels of your organisation. 

    This program is designed for:

    • Organizations that want to embed greater emotional intelligence into their working culture. 

    • Leaders who have gone through transformation and who want to implement their new insights. 

    • Organizations that are facing a challenge with implementing their strategy. 

    • Organizations that feel there is lack of integrity between the values they embrace publicly and the values they practice.

    Challenges calling you to step up:

    • Problems with strategy implementation

    • Misalignment between people’s behavior and public values 

    • Toxic politics and unproductive working environments

    • Lack of staff engagement and passion

    • Misunderstandings 

    • Performance issues

    Outcomes & benefits:

    Strong, clear values positively guide the decisions you make, the behaviors you want to reward and promote, and the way you realise your strategy and vision.This program helps you to build a vital consensus on how people in your organization want to work together. You will agree on the values and the behaviors that are necessary and acceptable for meeting your aims. Together, we decide on behavior changes that are necessary for implementing your strategy and for reaching your goals. Your organizational culture will become more positive, coherent, and better aligned. Your collective creativity will be enhanced. You will be able better to attract and retain talent, and to grow more organically.

    Duration & format:

    Option 1: One-day facilitation with the leadership team to identify current and desired culture and to create a culture-change action plan.  

    Option 2: Culture assessment, two-day workshop to debrief assessment, identify current and desired culture and to create a culture-change action plan. 

    Option 3: Six-month engagement. Culture assessment, two-day workshop to debrief assessment, identify current and desired culture and to create a culture-change action plan. In addition, we will provide leadership coaching for senior executives, coach teams and provide facilitated discussions for the rest of the organization to embed the values and mindset changes at all levels of the organization.

  • Discover Your Organization’s Purpose

    This program helps organizations to discover their reason for existing beyond making money. What is your deeper purpose? 

    This program is designed for:

    • Leaders who have gone through purpose discovery and who want to implement their new insights in their organization. 

    • Organizations which are rebranding and that seek clarity on their core identity. 

    • Leaders who seek more meaning and purpose at work.

    • Organizations that want more passionate and more deeply committed employees

    Challenges calling you to step up:

    • Lack of meaning and purpose

    • Lack of inspiration and motivation 

    • Lack of direction

    Outcomes & benefits:

    We help you to identify and then to translate your organization’s deeper purpose into your work, and powerfully to convey your purpose to your staff. You will lead with a sense of higher meaning, and enhance the motivation and resilience of your people. We reignite your staff’s motivation, creativity, and fulfillment at work. We strengthen your resilience. Together, we establish a stronger sense of meaning for you and your organization. We enhance your brand identity and staff engagement. We clarify where your organization is heading.

    Duration & format:

    One-day workshop

  • Strategy and Direction Consultation

    This program clarifies the strategic direction of your organization by answering the following questions: Why do we exist? How do we want to behave? How will we succeed? What is most important, right now?

    This program is designed for:

    • Leadership teams that lack a sense of direction. 

    • Teams that are constantly firefighting and cannot see the bigger picture. 

    • Organizations that are going through strategic redirection.

    • Leaders who want to set and achieve clear annual and quarterly goals.

    Challenges calling you to step up:

    • Confusion 

    • Performance issues

    • Lack of buy-in 

    • Sense of uncertainty 

    • Unproductive meeting culture

    Outcomes & benefits:

    Together, we enhance your organization’s overall performance by strengthening your sense of direction. We establish clarity and strong team alignment. You will know who is doing what, and when, and why. Clear expectations will be agreed on, and people will have to commit to them. Your meetings will be more productive and have clear outcomes. Your leadership team will be driven by a strong sense of purpose. 

    Duration & format:

    One- or two-day facilitated workshop

A  business is a reflection of its leadership, supporting you being conscious how you show up as a leader.


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