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Why the commandments of leadership have not been written yet?

When we watch one of these youtube videos that scales the size of the earth to the cosmos we get a glimpse of understanding of how small and fragile we are in the full life spectrum. Yet with reflecting on all the exponential progress that our modern civilization has gone through its evident that our potential is unimaginable even to science-fiction writers.

Why the commandments of leadership have not been written yet? by Hatem Alabki
Why the commandments of leadership have not been written yet? by Hatem Alabki

Our modern civilization is arguably around is 5300 years old, considering it began with the birth of writing, which if you scale the galactic calendar of 13.8 billion years to a scale of one year our human civilization is 14 seconds old. In these 14 seconds we were able to have a spacecraft escape the solar system back in 2013. We created artificial intelligence which replicates our own intelligence to the extent that now we have an AI music composer, AIVA. We discovered ways to control power to light our streets and homes at night, and our ever-growing expansion of the internet has allowed us to instantaneity and vastly share our information, video, and voices with every part of the world. Its an imaginable what would the next 5'300 years would hold for us if we kept advancing & collaborating as a civilization.

Yet with all this intelligence that allowed us to grow, create and invent there is one science that still we have not cracked the code to. A science which as old as the civilization itself, it is the science of leadership. We could accurately predict what earth would look like millions of years from now but still can’t accurately predict who would win an election, which startup will become a unicorn or who would win the football world cup.

The reason is fields like medicine, astrology, engineering, and physics are objective sciences and leadership is a subjective science, again Leadership is a subjective science.

So what makes leadership a subjective science? :

Leadership is situational. In objective science, the laws that would create water every time 2 hydrogens and oxygen combine will be the same in Dubai or in Los Angelos. In contrary Leadership is situational, if we apply the same Leadership at the Google headquarters in California it will yield a different impact if it's applied to a family owned pizza restaurant in Sicily. So Leadership needs to be adapted to the situations and environment which we encounter.

Leadership is moment to moment, In objective science, Einstein theory of relativity applies when he was alive, now and for the next 1000 years. In leadership, a great decision now might become a bad decision 5 seconds from now.

In objective science, there could be only one right answer to 1+1. In leadership, there could be countless perspective to approach a refugee crisis or many approaches to support your children in their challenges at school and what is right from wrong might well reside in a grey area.

In objective science, your mindset will not impact the result, the speed of your car will not change depending on what you believe. When it comes to Leadership your mindset( including your belief, perspective, vision, and psychology) impacts the result. The way you see the situation in itself is a powerful contributing factor to what happens.

In objective science, we look at the past to predict the future. In Leadership looking at history is important cause as its said history tend to repeat itself and in many occasions, history could blind us from what is going on at the moment, instead, Leadership requires us to be fully present with what is going now to create from the future as it unfolds.

An inquiry to leave you with is what could you rely on to be effective in leadership if there is no commandments ?

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